A big thank you to all of my clients who took their time to write these testimonials. I'm honored to have such an amazing and loyal clientele. 


“Happiness is having to buy a smaller belt; dusting off old clothes that you wore years ago; hearing the bathroom scale grunt less when you step on it; and completing a four day backpack trip with a 45 lb. pack at 11,000 feet and not feel beaten. In the four months that my wife (Lisa) and I have been training with Kevin, those are just some of the positive results I have seen. My wife talked me into giving the personal training a try, but I admit that I was a bit apprehensive about starting the personal training with Kevin because I didn't know what to expect. Would he be like a Sergeant Hulka at boot camp? Would he be judgmental about my very unfit condition? Nope. Kevin is very easy-going and non-judgmental. He develops a custom training program to improve your strength and conditioning and also helps you develop healthy habits around nutrition. The results have been amazing. The training is hard, but Kevin has a way of helping you through it that makes it fun and rewarding. So after each training session, with aching arms and spent legs, I wobble out to the car and already look forward to the next session.”

-Daniel Hamilton, Denver, CO


Kevin Cox has been my personal trainer for almost 7 years. At first, he trained me in Denver, Colorado. After my home was completed in Nebraska, Kevin lent his expertise to design and personally install, a customized gym in my home. After it’s completion, Kevin began traveling to my home in Sidney, Nebraska twice a week to work with me and has been for several years now. During the time that I worked with him, Kevin made a considerable impact on my mobility and played a vital part helping me reestablish my strength levels. Kevin is consistently reliable, committed and his technical knowledge in his field saw me through a few set backs. Beyond having considerable experience as a trainer it’s very likely Kevin could defeat any trainer in a game of John Wayne movie trivia. I would not hesitate in recommending Kevin Cox to anyone wanting or needing help in achieving their fitness goals.

– Richard Cabela, Sidney, NB


"I've been active in sports of all types and have lifted weights for over 20 years. I felt confident I knew what I was doing when it came to fitness. However, after one conversation with Kevin it was clear that I was making drastic mistakes. Which were hampering my progress along with causing a number of aches and pains which had begun to take their toll on my well being. In less than 30 days I have lost almost 10 pounds and by body is feeling 100% better. I'm able to fit into jeans which a month ago did not zip! My strength has gone up rapidly which I was amazed with because I haven't seen any real progress in a couple of years. I believed that I had reached my strength potential (which other trainers told me I had). I must say I didn't know how to react to Kevin laughing at that remark. I was close to choking on humble pie by the simple exercises Kevin prescribed to counter the muscle- imbalances he found. The great thing is Kevin takes the time to make sure I'm confident in everything I'm doing. He always ends every conversation with "call me if you need anything." I can't wait for next months programs and the progress to come."

-Tony Barnard, Denver, CO


"I was ready to lead a healthier lifestyle and I knew I needed some assistance from a personal trainer. I was lucky to be introduced to Kevin Cox. I've been working out with him for 2 months and the results I am seeing have motivated me to continue. Kevin's enthusiasm is contagious! He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and has been very helpful in my menu planning. Every workout is productive and I leave feeling envigorated! A+"

- Beth Bosik, Denver, CO


"A couple of years ago my workout consisted of a cardio routine six days a week and I began to quickly see that I was not gaining the results I had hoped for. Next, putting all my effort into a weight- training program I saw some results but again not the results I had hoped for considering the amount of time I put into weight training. Discouragement set in and I began to feel that I was wasting my time at the gym. When Kevin offered an eight-week "Aspirations" program I decided to sign up. Kevin constructed a weight-training program and devised a meal plan specifically to help me reach my goals. At the end of eight weeks I lost seven percent of body fat and lost 12 lbs. I am now a firm believer that weight training and nutrition go hand in hand. Shopping at the grocery store and cooking now have a whole new meaning. The results of the "Aspirations" program are a whole new level of energy, a lifetime of nutrition and exercise, fitting into my wardrobe and having friends and family comment on how great I look. A little bit of "Aspiration" goes a long way and now I continue working on achieving new goals."

– Zola Rios, Denver, CO


"Kevin has achieved my goals at losing fat and gaining muscle mass. By varying my workouts, he keeps me interested and makes sure I continue to increase my fitness level."

– Jamie Gard, Denver, CO


"I had no idea what I was getting into... it hurts a lot! But it hurts more when you don't go through with it! The results I received with Kevin's help in just twelve weeks were amazing! My pictures speak for themselves."

– Mike Pender, Los Angeles, CA


I have had the pleasure of having Kevin Cox as my personal trainer for several years. I could not speak higher of his abilities and skills as a personal trainer. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable about fitness... including stretching, weight training, injury recovery, supplements and nutrition. Another thing that I appreciate about Kevin is that he is punctual. He shows up on time, whether it is a 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. He shows great respect for his clients’ time and always connects if there is a scheduling problem. Saturdays and holidays are on his schedule as well. Kevin has a great personality and is a real motivator. He is genuinely committed to seeing his clients succeed and I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for the best in a personal trainer.

– Jerry Thompson, Denver, CO


Kevin has been my trainer for seven years now. During that time, I have lost 20 pounds and truly feel – on the cusp of age 50 – that I am in the best shape of my life. Kevin’s approach is low key, yet he always is able to coax maximum effort out of me. This is due to his easygoing, yet persistent personality, combined with a truly in-depth knowledge of physiology and training techniques. Kevin’s services are in high demand, and he has a number of long time clients, including me, who have followed him from gym to gym, and now to his own training facility. These facts alone are a testament to Kevin’s skill, knowledge and ability as a trainer. I heartily recommend Kevin to anyone who has a training goal in mind, or simply is trying to get in shape for the first time.

– Eric Elliff, Denver, Colorado